July 28, 2006

Glossary : Fearing Wussy

Fear - ing Wuss - y :
An individual who actively fears items, not individuals.
abreviated : FW
conjugates : Gun Fearing Wussy (GFW), Knife Fearing Wussy (KFW).

The most common types are the Gun-Fearing Wussy and Knife-Fearing Wussy. These individuals will actively recoil and even avoid these tools, even in the hands of other lawful citizens (they may be content with such weapons in the hands of 'police' or 'security guards'). I won't go into the psychological reasons : at best, they are offensive, at worst, only proof that I am not a shrink.

This name does not include individuals who simply do not use or do not want firearms or blades. There must be active, and instinctive, fear of other people with tools.

True fearing wussies are not worth confronting on the subject of anything they consider weapons. Their dislike is so instinctual that they will no accept statistics, facts, nor can they be converted from the side of darkness. In fact, attempting to convert a fearful wussy can result in problems.

Just like any other severe phobia, unless you're qualified to treat the individual, do not confront them on it.


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