August 22, 2006

Laws : Can't Carry Money?

Although not a recent event, the Emiliano Gonzolez's case in the Eighth Circuit Court and resulting decision are well worth the attention of you or I.

The short and ugly truth is that a Mr. Gonzolez, without being charged or convicted of a crime, and without a preponderance of evidence or even proof that a crime had been done, was stripped of his private property permanently under the force of law. For carrying too much money and confusing a police officer, Mr. Gonzolez had 124,700 dollars confiscated. Outside of tortious action, he is not expected to have the currency returned.

In fact, Mr. Gonzolez never went on trial : the actions of the courts were against not he, but 124,700 USD in U.S. Currency.

An obvious violation of the Constitution, 18 USC 242, and common decency. Spread the word, and hope that we can get this sort of vile act stopped. Hat Tip to Xrlq, saysuncle, and countless others.


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