August 09, 2006

Media : McCain - Feingold

While I'm hopeful that those reading this blog have seen this elsewhere, it doesn't hurt to repeat for emphasis.

Two caveats : first, your ad must brush against McCain-Feingold (by naming a candidate up for election within 60 days), and, secondly, sanity test pending. Yes, I'll even take a Brady Bunch ad or something from PETA, just has to be safe for work and otherwise be 'normal' outside of the timeframe.

McCain-Feingold isn't the single most unConstititional law on the books today. I'd have to give that to the "Violent Crime Control" act, which pretty much tried to erase not just the 2nd Amendment, but also all of the 1st and parts of the 5th. However, McCain-Feingold is not just evil, but also has vast and deep support from the conventional media, who love the potential it holds for further journalistic shield laws for "defenders of free speech" like Al-Rueters, and the ACLU will not consider it dangerous until it is far too late.

If this is going to be stopped, it must be done by those who will benefit most from free speech : the normal populace. The media doesn't want us normal folk stepping on their turf. The politicos love having a huge advantage in any race where the opponent doesn't have major name recognition to start with. And big lobbying groups aren't willing to waste the millions they've spent on grooming a candidate just to help the little guy.


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