July 30, 2006

Blades : Where?

Once you've decided to buy a knife, where can you buy one?

There's always Wally-World or a local Scout outfitter, but don't expect much. Small selection, and while you might save a few bucks on a good SpyderCo, a lot of the other knives are just useless. Worst of all, it's nearly impossible to get a good feel or look at a knife, and as a result, you can end up with something that should be good, but is ruined by an obvious flaw like poor heat treatment or bad lock design.
Do not trust advice from workers at such places. For every one WalMart employee that knows how to test a linerlock, there are five dozen that can't tell a folder from a sheath knife.

A better choice would be a place devoted to hunting goods, or even a gun store. Often they will have some selection of knives, the clerks will be much more willing to let you handle the blades if you show basic competance, and will have worthwhile advice if you are unsure. of yourself. Sadly, most dedicated "knife shops" just sell cheap imports, but some serious ones do exist. I personally stick with gun shops instead, although all knife shops can do a quick resharpening cheap and easy.

Custom knives are another option. They're often more expensive, whether you make your own or buy from professionals. The first option just replaces money with time. But the results can be damned impressive. Either way, you'll be set for life in blades if you look hard enough.

Finally, there are shows. Both gun and knife shows tend to include a good display of folders, straight knives, and more unusual types. Blade sellers in either arena tend to know their stuff, and you get a selection varying from the cheapest blades possible to those perfectly balanced and built to last an eternity. On the downside, some vendors are less than honest about their wares, and shows tend to require an entrance fee - as a result, it's not usually worthwhile to just browse or buy one or two beat knives.


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