July 29, 2006

Postal in Seattle

A self-proclaimed "Muslim American" is alleged to have forced his way into a Jewish Federation center today, killing one and injuring at least five others. Interestingly, all of the victims appear to be women. Bias? Fear of fighting back? Percieved "sins"? Simple opportunity?

Those who are religious or otherwise willing are asked to pray for survival of the wounded victims. Those who are vindictive may no doubt find ways to donate for the legal fund to prosecute the alleged gunman.

Claims will no doubt arise to show how this is somehow proof of the evils of anti-Muslim/Islamic policies in other countries or our own. Some posts will no doubt connect this to the current Israel-Islam war, or perhaps the war in Iraq.

Those who do so seem to have a very bad grasp of recent events.

I'm interested in seeing one of these strange and foolish individuals attempt such a thing in Texas or another freedom-loving state, instead of a gun-fearing wussy city. I have a feeling we will not need to donate to legal funds after that one.


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